began many years ago in the old south in the state of Alabama. There were no dreams of jewels in the early days. I was not exposed to jewelry of any kind, however I did dream of the west coast and the land of palm trees. When I was old enough I traveled to my dream land and made my dream come true by moving there. When I was a young woman I went to my first garage sale and discovered costume jewelry. Well that was it and I was hooked. I began to buy every piece I could find, even broken items. I began to experiment with repairing the old jewelry and combining it with modern pieces. My imagination took flight and I became a designer for many top name department stores.

At this point, having no experience of sales or business (thank goodness), I marched straight into Bullocks Department Store and told them I wanted to sell them my new line of artisan jewelry. They must have thought I was brash but they instructed me to attend their Vendor Day.  So I and my precious jewels presented ourselves to the head buyer of Bullocks and she absolutely loved my pieces. She placed an order for 100 jewelry items and told me to have them done in one week. I got down to business and produced some of my best work during that week. We sold out of those designs, all 100 pieces, in one week. During that week I met John Ritter, Tawny Little, Finola Hughes, Anna Marie Horsford and several other stars who invited me to the sets of General Hospital and others. They in turn began wearing my pieces on the shows. Many of my early original jewelry designs made their debut appearances on General Hospital, Wonder Woman, Designing Women and Star Search just to name a few. 

In the meantime, I was still designing for Bullocks and had been introduced to Dillards, Caché and Nordstroms. In 1990, Nordstroms gave me their first order for $25,000.00 worth of jewelry and I was off to the races. I designed for Nordstroms for 3 years until my mom passed and my life began a new path.

I took some time off to think and after much soul searching and spiritual guidance I decided to open a jewelry supply store to give myself space to create and to help others along this path. I taught jewelry making classes and inspired many younger women into a better way of life. I did trade shows, trunk shows, the LA Gift show and TV shows. I worked around the clock and became so successful that I had to open a second store to accommodate my customers. After opening my second store I began to travel the world for supplies and inspiration. My first trip to the orient including Hong Kong, Bali, China and Indonesia just wet my taste buds for more. I began to travel more often and to many other places. I had my own stones cut in my designs, my shining jeweled designs came off the paper and were transferred into gold and silver. A lifetime of hard work began to become a reality. I had dreamed myself into a jewelry designer. I had begun to achieve my goals. 

I now enjoy my store in Ventura and design at my own pace. I am now able to skillfully create and let myself be inspired by my life and surroundings. I live where the sky meets the waters by the big blue ocean. I have two wonderful pomeranian companions. I am in solitude a lot of the time and I feel very peaceful in this state of being. I live in the elements of beauty, kindness and peace. I have decided to enter the age of ecommerce and fully realize my dream of so many years ago. 

I want to provide an online store backed with my knowledge and skills so that you can have a trustworthy place to buy and learn. We will learn from each other as we take this journey together. I will do my best to provide you with high quality supplies at an affordable price so that you may bring your creations to life. The word Artisan directly means a person who has both the creativity and the skill to hand-make an item or product. We have been born with the creativity and imagination needed to continually be inspired with new ideas for our artisan jewelry. Thank goodness my ability and desire to learn continues to this day and I am still inspired to dream big. I hope you find all of your needs here and if not, please call me.

Finally, I believe that jewelry can tell a story. I tell you stories with mine and you can create and share your own story. We each have an inspirational gift for this world and I hope mine helps you discover yours. I believe in women and our powerful place in this world. I offer myself to remind you of your strength and to encourage you to celebrate yourselves.

From my ❤ to yours ...  

Here are some inspiring shots from my neck of the woods....