Vintage Pill Box Locket Necklace Pendant Sugilite Sterling 925 Silver Citrine Center


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 VTG Pill Box Locket Necklace Pendant Sugilite Sterling 925 Silver  

925 Sterling Silver

1 1/2" top to bottom x 1 1/4 " wide

18mm thick

 Approx 22.3 gram

Sugilite is one of the very best crystals for those who are highly sensitive and take on whatever energies are around them. Wear or carry Sugilite to create a warm, protective “shield of Light,”  

The spiritual healing properties of sugilite make it one of the most powerful and highly effective crystals, in keeping with sugilite meaning. Dark purple sugilite and the lilac crystals or pale purple sugilite are ideal for calling on the power of the Violet Flame for spiritual purification, cleansing and strengthening. Its wonderful protective sugilite healing properties, in keeping with sugilite stone meaning, protect against negative influences and entities that can be harmful. Spiritual development is accelerated with the help of supportive, protective sugilite properties included in sugilite meaning.

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