Labradorite, Moonstone, and Garnet Pendant in Sterling 925 Silver

$349.00 $299.95

Smooth Moonstone on top, round faceted Garnet and Labradorite that is purple all the way through,
and has brilliant flashes of pinks, golds and greens, a beautifully detailed
  • .925 sterling silver setting.  

The pendant top opens making it a vintage, functioning, "pillbox" piece.  

Moonstone and Labradorite are both in the feldspar family of stones making them perfect amplifiers of each other.  

Moonstone provides emotional healing and is known as a "stone of new beginnings."

Garnet cleanses and re-energizes your chakras; in addition, garnet aids in manifestations.

Labradorite is a stone of protection, it calms the mind and provides strength during times of change.

Measures 3 3/4" with bail-in length x 1" wide and weighs 26.4 grams. 

The piece is vintage and unworn. 

Shipping is fast, fully insured and carefully packaged. 


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